Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#52 - Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake Campground - Orlando, FL April 6-9 2012

This is a City of Orlando park. It's surrounded by residential and 
commercial areas, but once you are in the Park, other than some traffic
noise from the nearby Florida Turnpike (which soon becomes white noise),
you would never know it. It is a large park with a very nice paved biking/walking path, WITH HILLS, something unusual in flat Florida.

Our Campsite #13

Turkey Lake Scenes

A beautiful lake, but...

I wouldn't go swimming in it.

A Monarch Butterfly on pretty purple Pickerel

An Osprey, flying over the lake, with 
some nest building material. 
A pair of Mallard Ducks performing 
some synchronized swimming :-)

They have a Children's Farm with many
 farm animals for children (and adults) to enjoy.  

His place out of the sun.

Life is good.


They have a new nature trail at the Park called Nature Connect. 
This is the trail's entrance.

 Lantana flowers along the trail.

They built musical instruments to play along the Nature Connect trail. 
What a fun and unique idea!

Sunset photo taken while on the 
Nature Connect trail later that day.

There are many Gopher Tortoise dens throughout the Park. They have
them roped off so people will not disturb them; as per the sign, they are
an endangered species. We saw this one below while on a bike ride. 
It was munching on some tiny yellow flowers. 


I love this water fountain along the biking/walking path. 
It has one fountain for dogs and one for people. Too cool!


The Easter Bunny visited the Park on Sunday. Cute!


 Michael went fishing, but had no luck. That's
 why it's called fishing and not catching :).


They also have a nice fishing pier on the lake. 
We like to ride our bikes on it and Red-winged 
Blackbirds like to perch on it.


A Great Crested Flycatcher visited our campsite on several occasions. 
Very pretty bird.

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