Wednesday, September 12, 2012

#53 - Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground - Lake Buena Vista, FL September 4-7, 2012

 Our Campsite - #625 in Sunny Sage Way

We went camping at Disney World my husband says, "there's campgrounds and then there's Disney."  We went to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary on September 5th. 


Disney gives you these cute button pins, if you are celebrating an event, when you check-in to one of their resorts. 


We took the Disney bus to Downtown Disney and ate dinner at Earl of Sandwich on the first night. We have eaten here twice now and really enjoy their sandwiches.  


Riding bike is something we always enjoy doing at Fort Wilderness. We almost always see deer, but usually just does. This trip was different, however. 

Our good friends, Duane and Annette, came over to spend one night and to help us celebrate our anniversary. This is all we saw the first morning on one of our bike rides; just the antlers of a buck lying down in the underbrush. One of the cast members (that is what they call Disney employees) told us that there have been two large bucks hanging around in this area for the last few mornings. 

 So we came back early the next morning and this is 
what we saw...what beautiful animals!


They have redone the pools at the campground to include a new slide. 
Pool slides are always fun...brings out the kid in ya.

  Michael coming down the slide.

 This is Annette's "graceful" exit from the slide. I love the perfect toe point!


Even the clouds look like Mickey Mouse at Disney World (no editing applied)...


 As always, we rode our bikes to the Wilderness Lodge to walk around and stroll thru the gift shop. This is the fireplace in the lobby. It was built to represent the geology of the sedimentary rock layers of the Grand Canyon. If we are camping at Disney during the cooler months, we usually sit and have hot chocolate in front of the fire, but it was too hot on this day. 


We ate dinner at Rainforest Cafe on our anniversary with Duane and Annette. We always enjoy eating there. This time we ate at the one at Disney Village, instead of the one at the Animal Kingdom Park. 


The third day we went to the Animal Kingdom Lodge to see the animals and to eat dinner. This is the resort's lobby. Love the hanging lights.


We always enjoy looking at the animals and
 birds they have surrounding the lodge. 

 Roan Antelope

African Spoonbill
Shhhhh...don't wake up the flamingos.

We ate dinner at Boma's,  one of the restaurants at Animal Kingdom Lodge. 
They have a great buffet with some unusual culinary offerings. 

Sky writing an anniversary note to my hubby...
(actually, someone else paid for the sky writing, 
but the sentiment still applies).